This series of photos, titled ‘River of Earth,’ explores humanity's deep connection to rivers, originally the source of life for most human civilizations, providing water, shelter, fertile ground, game, and more, until humans as whole left the natural cycle, but the rivers still flow, always the same. 
I attempt to frame modern, breathing humans in an ancient setting, at first a part of the constant natural cycle, as important to the environment as the tree next to them, until gradually, our place in nature gradually faded away, evolving to the humans we are now, our place in nature forgotten.
The main inspiration for this is the New River, one of the most ancient and unique rivers in the world, 15 minutes from my door, flowing slow and steady, just like it has done for millions of years. While the New River is pictured in many of these, several other rivers are a part of this project, although all within the Appalachian Range.

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